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The City of South Salt Lake dispatches snow plow operators when there is an accumulation of one inch or more on the roadway. They will continue snow removal until roads are deemed safe. Our snow removal operators are responsible for 70+ miles of city roads, some of which require four to eight passes.


The objective is to give direction for timely and efficient removal of snow and ice from streets in South Salt Lake City. Priority is given to streets which carry the largest traffic volume. Limited resources preclude service on lower priority streets until higher priority streets have been cleared. Motorists should expect snow-packed or icy conditions on lower priority streets during storms of high intensity or long duration and during non-work hours. Plowing will continue until all streets have been cleared.


This policy is intended for streets located within the boundaries of South Salt lake City. The city maintains more than 70 lane miles of arterial, secondary and residential streets that have been divided into four (4) priorities:

Snow plows clear all major collector streets serving emergency facilities and heavy traffic first. After those roads are cleared, the plows begin clearing subdivisions, streets serving schools, City offices, etc. Finally, all other city roads, including dead-end and cul-de-sacs are plowed.

Maintenance of State Street, and 3300 South, state roads, are performed by the Utah Department of Transportation. 


Prior to the start of snow season the Public Works Department will conduct training on city-owned equipment for all personnel involved in snow removal activities. The training will include classroom and hands on equipment training, including the operation of salters, snowplows and front end loaders. This training may include a “Dry Run” of each route to locate obstacles and familiarize operators with assigned areas.

Equipment Resources:

At the present time, South Salt Lake City Public Works has assigned 9 drivers for 7 designated snow plow routes. The routes are shown in the MAP and each is numbered for convenience of referencing.

The truck resources are:
(3) - 10-wheelers with plows and salt spreaders
(2) - 10-wheelers with plows only
(1) – Bobtails with plow and spreaders
(1) – Bobtails with plow only
(2) - Pickup truck with snowplow 

See below for the correct way to plow your driveway

Snow Removal in Driveway

Sidewalk and parking lot maintenance:

City Code: 12.08.090 Snow removal:

It is unlawful for the owner, occupant, lessor or agent of any property to fail to remove or cause to be removed from such paved sidewalk all hail, snow or sleet falling thereon within a reasonable time after such snow, hail or sleet has fallen; in any event to be removed not later than the same day in which said snow, sleet or hail has fallen; provided, in case the said snow, sleet, hail has fallen after the hours of six p.m., the same may be removed the following day by ten a.m.

City Code: 12.08.100 Clogging gutter unlawful:

It is unlawful for any person removing snow from a sidewalk, as provided in Section 12.08.090, or for any person by any means whatsoever, to deposit snow, dirt or any other material in a gutter so as to clog the same, or prevent the free flow of water therein.

City Code: 12.24.030 Obstructions and encroachments:

Except as authorized by the provisions of this code or other applicable local, state, or federal law, it is unlawful for any person to place, erect, leave, or cause to be left any encroachment or obstruction of any kind in the city streets, alleys, sidewalks, parking strips or crosswalks, and such may be removed by the city at the expense of the person responsible therefore.

Vehicles Parked On Streets

City ordinance requires residents to move their vehicles off of the street while there is an accumulation of snow or ice on the roadway. Vehicles parked on the roadway make it very difficult to plow the roads effectively. Vehicles not moved under these guidelines are subject to ticketing.

Additional Information

During snow events residents are encouraged to call South Salt Lake Public Works if they feel their street has been overlooked or they have an issue with snowplowing on their street.

Snowplow operators have been trained to follow the priorities set in the policies and procedure section; it would be detrimental to respond to individual complaints before operators have responded in accordance with the Snow Removal Policy. Complaints will be logged and given to supervisors for review and action.

Claims from residents for property damage caused by snowplows should be reported to the City Attorney’s office.

Online Reporting: Click HERE

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Aging Services

For assistance with shoveling snow please call

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