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Promise SSL includes several councils, each of which specializes in an important aspect of the program. Our councils include:

Education Council:

The Promise SSL Education Council supports excellence in educational development and career readiness of South Salt Lake youth and adults. The full council meets 3x per year (Jan, May, Sept). 


1. Family Engagement Committee  

Chair: Edward Lopez, or 801.455.1729 

2. After School Alliance Committee 

Chair: Lauren Levorsen, or 385.630.9754

3. College Access Committee  

Chair: Kayla Mayers, or 801.455.0994

4. Early Childhood Committee  

Chair: Janell Cerva, or 801.441.1985

Health Council:

The mission of the Promise SSL Health Council is to improve health and healthy behaviors in South Salt Lake. The full council meets 4x year (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).


1. Health Access Committee Social Determinants of Health 

Chair: Caitlin Schneider, 

2. Mental Health Coalition (Safety and Health Committees combined)  

Chair: Joseph Genda, or 801.440.4499 

3. Physical Health Committee  

Chair: Dustin Permann, 

Safety Commission:

The Safety Commission's mission is to enhance the quality of life by positively impacting issues related to public safety and neighborhood conditions for South Salt Lake residents and the business community. The full Council meets quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov).


1. Gangs and Drug Prevention Committee   

Co-Chair: Tori Smith, or 801.828.8219 

Deborah Peel, or 801.657.0416 

2. Mental Health Coalition (Health and Safety Committees combined)  

Chair: Joseph Genda, or 801.440.4499 

3. Neighborhood Leadership and Civic Engagement Coalition (Neighborhood & Housing Councils and Safety Commission) 

Discussion and work groups meet as announced  

Housing Council:

The Housing Council works to support neighborhood revitalization and access to quality housing through public relations, use of data and community outreach. SSL housing questions may be directed to Alexandra White, Community Development Director: 801.483.6011.


1. Refugee Housing Improvement Committee 

Discussion, and work groups meet as announced 

2. Community Connection  (Revitalization) 

Meets every other Monday @ 1:30 at SSL Urban Livability Dept (March-Sept) 

Director: Antoinette Evans, or 801.412.3652 

Promise Arts and Community Council:

The Arts and Community Council works to unite the South Salt Lake Community through art


1. Arts Council

Contact: Lesly Allen, or 801.718.2003 

2. Promise Arts and Community Coalition 

Tori Smith, or 801.828.8219

Jobs and Economy Council (JEDI Council):

The JEDI Council works in partnership with employers to create pathways to employment that benefits businesses and workers alike


1. Neighborhood Workplace Pipeline, Communication and Workforce Development  

Chair: Colleen Bradburn, or 385.630.9748

Neighborhoods Council:

The Neighborhoods Council supports resident-led neighborhood development and revitalization through leadership, social networks, community organizing and civic participation


1. Community Connection Committee (Revitalization)  Meets every other Monday @ 1:30 at SSL Urban Livability Dept (March-Sept) 

Director: Antoinette Evans, or 801.412.3652 

2. Neighborhood Leadership and Civic Engagement Coalition 

Discussion and work groups meet as announced

South Salt Lake Interfaith Council:

The Interfaith Council promotes unity throughout the community through reciprocal association and support of South Salt Lake faith-based groups and organizations.

Chair: Lauren Levorsen, or 385.630.9753

Equity Council:

The Equity Council promotes working together to address inequality, create inclusive spaces, and build community across differences within South Salt Lake.

Chair: Bonnie Owens, or 801.641.0820 



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