City of South Salt Lake


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Victim Assistance

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Victims' Advocate

The advocates are called in to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other criminal acts. They also assist in many other emergency and bereaving environments. Their job is one of great value to our citizens. Many of our citizens find themselves in the criminal justice system without a support system. Coordinator Brooke St. John and her staff provide that support by being highly trained and motivated to help people from the beginning of an episode to the court proceeding and beyond.


The South Salt Lake Police Chaplain Corps is a non-profit/volunteer organization that provides interface with the secular and ministry worlds for the purpose of promoting tolerance and understanding. They work with members of Victims Assistance Unit. Chaplains provide professional counsel to victims, family members, and co-workers involved in critical emergency situations and/or criminal incidents. The work of the Chaplain differs greatly from the work of the Pastor, Minister, or Bishop. The Pastor, Minister, or Bishop care for the spiritual needs of the congregation; whereas, the Chaplain must care for the needs of the secular world as well.