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Graffiti Reporting

The best way to combat graffiti is the quick reporting and removal. As soon as you see graffiti in your neighborhoods, report it to police dispatch at (801) 840-4000.

Graffiti Prevention Tips

Make Outside Walls Less Attractive
When would-be vandals are looking for a wall to tag, there are certain characteristics that will make one area more or less attractive than another. Rough surfaces are more difficult to paint than smooth surfaces. Dark-colored walls are less appealing since a lot of graffiti is done in darker colors, which won’t show up as well on a dark wall. Graffiti attracts more graffiti, so a clean, freshly painted wall can be a deterrent.

Make It Harder To Reach the Wall
Plant clinging plants, such as ivy, on vulnerable walls. It will break up or eliminate the writing space. Plant bushes or hostile vegetation in front of the wall (not blocking windows or doors), making it hard to get close to the wall. Build fences between your business and public property to create a boundary.

Make the Vandals More Visible
Use motion detector lights. If an area is usually dark, people will notice if it suddenly lights up.
Remove large trees or bushes that block people’s view of vandals. Short bushes that keep people away from the walls but allow for visibility are best. Use pebbles around your building to create noise when people walk around.

Cleaning Graffiti

The best deterrent to graffiti is to remove it as soon as it goes up. Vandals want to see (and want others to see) their work. If their graffiti gets removed as soon as it’s done, they won’t waste their time putting it back in the same location. Unified Police Department has several locations where you can get cleaning supplies to help in the removal of graffiti. You can contact them at 385-468-9796 or visit one of their graffiti removal supply pick-up locations listed on their website at

For nonporous and smooth painted surfaces:

  • Erase - aerosol spray - available from UPD, 385-468-9796, or ZEP Manufacturing, 801-975-9831.
  • Brake and carburetor cleaner - aerosol spray, available at most automotive stores.
  • Sandblasting - use as a last resort as it ruins the surface.

For porous and unpainted surfaces:

  • Big Orange - a liquid stripping agent - available ZEP Manufacturing, 801-975-9831.
  • Outdoor latex paint - paint over cinder block and other cement surfaces. Available at hardware and paint stores. Try to match the original color.


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Neighborhood Watch

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