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Community Policing

The SSL Police Department has created a system of geographic responsibility called Community Policing Zones (CPZs). Community policing is the philosophy that police officers and citizens can work together in creative ways to solve community problems such as crime, fear of crime, social disorder, and neighborhood conditions.

The city has been divided into six CPZs, corresponding with the six squads in the uniformed patrol division. Each squad is staffed with one Sergeant and four officers; each Sergeant has responsibility for one CPZ within the city. It will be the responsibility of patrol sergeants and their officers to make contacts within the community in their assigned CPZs, and to keep track of crime trends and unique problems for each CPZ.

It is important to know that CPZ assignments are based on the time of day a sergeant works and previous history regarding crime trends and calls for service in each CPZ. While the entire patrol division is responsible for coverage of the city as a whole, Patrol/CPZ Sergeants will ensure that proper communication occurs throughout the police department, to include the Community Resource Division (Crime Prevention, School Resource Unit and Crime Analysis), and that the appropriate resources are utilized for problem-solving efforts. This will ensure that problems will be addressed effectively, regardless of the time in which they occur.

Please refer to the CPZ map links below for exact boundary designations.

Community Policing Zone boundaries were designated using the existing Community Council boundaries. Below are the boundaries for each CPZ, the Patrol Sergeant assigned and their office numbers. Click on each individual CPZ to see a map of that CPZ alone.

CPZ 1 Sgt. Matt Oehler (801) 412-3630
(Burton Place)

CPZ 2 Sgt. Josh Suazo (801) 412-3628
(Southgate Village & Madison Crossing)

CPZ 3 Sgt. Mary Winters (801) 412-3623
(Central Park Station & Wandamere Park)

CPZ 4 Sgt. Aldo Montes (801) 412-3625
(Edison & Granite)

CPZ 5 Sgt. Joe Cummings (801) 412-3634
(Jordan River)

CPZ 6 Sgt. Tyler Cluff (801) 412-3637
(Center of Industry & Millstream Park)

Contact the Seargeant in your CPZ zone at the number listed above. You can also email us at Please include your name, phone number, the CPZ you are in, and a detailed comment (including any pertinent addresses). The information will be given to the appropriate Sergeant. **Please be advised, this email address is not monitored 24 hours a day, or on weekends. To file a police report, please contact our dispatch at the numbers listed below.**

If you need immediate assistance, call dispatch at the numbers below.

Police Dispatch (Emergency) 911
Police Dispatch (Non-emergency) (801) 840-4000

To download a brochure on South Salt Lake's CPZs, click here.



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Prevention Tips

For tips to help you stay safe, CLICK HERE.

Property Check Request

To request a periodic check of your home, business or vacant property by the South Salt Lake Police Department, please provide us with the information on the form linked below. Once we have confirmed your request, either by phone or email, your property check will be activated. As calls for service allow, officers will stop by to check your property, either visually as they drive by or physically by walking around the perimeter and checking doors and windows. Should a problem arise, we will contact you or another responsible party via the contact information you provide on this form.


Contact Us


Sgt. Bill Hogan

(801) 412-3631


Business Watch
Sgt. Bill Hogan

(801) 412-3631

Neighborhood Watch/Crime Free Multi Housing
Officer Chad Keller
(801) 412-3654


Officer Chase Hermansen
(801) 412-3642


Sgt. Cody Coggle
(801) 412-3608


Alli Lachowsky
(801) 412-3607

Neighborhood Watch

For information on when and where the next Neighborhood Watch meeting in your area is being held, please call the Neighborhood Watch Hotline at 801-412-3668.