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Traffic School

If you have been cited for a non-mandatory violation and there was not an accident involved, and you would like to attend traffic school to keep the violation off your driving record, you must appear at the SSL Justice Court (clerk's window) to determine if you qualify.

To qualify for traffic school you must 

      * not have any other citations on your record over the last year

      *  and cannot have a CDL.

If you qualify for traffic school, you will be required to pay the

       *  regular bail amount plus a $25 plea in abeyance fee

       *  and the cost of the class.


If you live in Salt Lake County you will be required to attend traffic school in person at the South Salt Lake City Government Building (220 East Morris Ave). If you live outside of the county or have a language barrier, you will be given the option to attend the class in person in South Salt Lake City or take an online class. 

Signing up

When appearing to sign up for traffic school you must provide a 

       *  valid Utah driver's license OR

       *  certified copy of your driving record from the state your license was issued WITH your picture identification.

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