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Small claims cases are to recover money only.  Small claims cases cannot be used to sue a government entity, to sue for possession of property, to evict a tenant or to recover an assigned claim.  To file a claim in the South Salt Lake Justice Court the defendant must reside in South Salt Lake or the action had to have occured in South Salt Lake.

For more information on filing a small claims case or collecting a small claims judgment visit the Utah State Courts website.


Small claims affidavit filing fees:

  • $2,000 OR less - $60
  • Between $2,000 & $7,500 - $100 
  • Between $7,500 & $11,000 - $185

Counter affidavit filing fee:

  • $2,000 or less - $50
  • Between $2,000 & $7,500 - $70
  • Between $7,500 & $11,000 - $120

Related Information

Justice Court

220 E. Morris Ave
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Enter the Court through the outside west entrance of City Hall.

Phone: 801.483.6072
Fax: 801.464.6786

How to File A Small Claim