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Expunging Your Criminal Record

Certificate of Eligibility

To determine if you meet eligibility requirements, you must first obtain a Certificate of Expungement Eligibility from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). This can take 8 to 12 weeks.

All eligibility questions will be answered by BCI, not the court. Contact:

Bureau of Criminal Identification
3888 West 5400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84118
Phone: 801-965-4445

After receiving the Certificate for Expungement Eligibility, you can obtain an expungement packet at the justice court.

The expungement fee is $135 to file and $25 for certified copies.

Related Information

Justice Court

220 E. Morris Ave
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Enter the Court through the outside west entrance of City Hall.

Phone: 801.483.6072
Fax: 801.464.6786