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Community Emergency Response Team


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South Salt Lake CERT is sponsored by the city and supported by the fire department, it trains its community volunteers to care for themselves, their family, their friends and the community in a time of need. These community volunteers stand ready every day to assist when professional responders are overwhelmed. The CERT program is a vital part of the city’s emergency plan and has proven itself time and time again in our city and across the nation.

Students attending CERT Training receive both classroom and hands on instruction in the following: 

  • Disaster Preparedness - what is a disaster and how can you prepare for one?
  • Fire Suppression - what hazards exist is your home, community and office? What can you do to mitigate those hazards?
  • Disaster Medical Operations I & II - how do I treat injuries in a disaster situation?
  • Light Search and Rescue Operations - learn to safely conduct search and rescue operations in a disaster.
  • Disaster Psychology and Terrorism - how will people react during a disaster?  What should I be watching for that might indicate terrorism?
  • Team Organization - how are CERT teams organized and how do they fit in with Local, State and Federal agencies that respond to disasters.

CERT training is offered throughout the year.

If you live or work within the boundries of South Salt Lake, there is a $30 fee refundable upon class completion. We do welcome non – residents, however the same $30 fee to cover cost of books and equipment is non-refundable. To register for a class (please specify which class you would like to attend) contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at (801) 464-6726 or

In addition to the above basic CERT training, you may also see our volunteers undergoing training in: 

  • CPR & AED to CERT volunteers (approximately $20 to cover books)
  • Advanced and continuing CERT training and operations
  • Aid station staffing and bike patrol at public events


Are your children or their teachers prepared for an incident that could become a long term situation in the school? Are they prepared to care for themselves if help is not readily available? LOCK DOWN…SHELTER IN PLACE…SCHOOL SIEGE TEEN SERT is a condensed version of the basic CERT curriculum and has been adopted by many school districts across the country. As with the CERT program, TEEN SERT has proven to be a huge success. Preparing your children to react and respond during an incident in their place of education can also carry over to their place of play and home as well.

If you are interested in learning more about CERT please visit:

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Battalion Chief Blaine Daimaru

Community Outreach Volunteer Coordinator