City of South Salt Lake


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Strategic Location

The City of South Salt Lake is approximately 7 square miles in area and shares northern and eastern boundaries with Salt Lake City. The City has a population of just over 24,000 residents which steadily increases at a rate of 2% each year.

For years, the City of South Salt Lake was known as the "Center of Industry." With two-thirds of the City either zoned for commercial or light industrial uses, the City is a major commercial hub of the County and State. While the City still embraces itself as an important commercial and industrial center, the City has adopted the tag line"City on the Move" to include all of the great and progressive developments occurring in the City.

The City is conveniently located within 15 minutes of the Salt Lake International Airport. The University of Utah, and Westminster and Salt Lake Community College campuses are also within minutes of the City.
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The City of South Salt Lake hosts one of the finest transportation networks of any community in the State of Utah. Both major interstates, I-15 and I-80, run through the City with exceptional interstate access. In addition, roads in the commercial and industrial areas were developed to handle semi-truck access for the business community.
South Salt Lake is also a major hub for the Utah Transit Authority's (UTA) light rail line called Trax and the S-line Streetcar. South Salt Lake is the only location within the UTA network where someone can access all three Trax lines (blue, red and green) and the new UTA S-Line which travels from the 2100 S. Central Pointe Station to Sugar House.  
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Work Force

Due to its strategic location and strong business community, the City of South Salt Lake hosts an exceptional workforce. Over 46,000 people come to South Salt Lake each day to either work or conduct business.

Major Industries

South Salt Lake is proud to be the home of more than 2,100 businesses. The City has zoned and dedicated a majority of its land for business development. Due to its large commercial and light industrial areas, the City has a large concentration of retail, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution type businesses. The City approved more than 150 new business licenses in 2015. For the Salt Lake Valley, 300 W. is a major contractor and construction based business corridor where contractors and home owners can find nearly any home or business improvement material or furnishing.

Major Employers

  • MVN US Services
  • RC Willey
  • Bimbo Bakeries
  • Mondi Bag
  • Salt Lake Behavioral Health
  • Taylor Electric
  • EDO Western Corporation
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Citadel Broadcasting Corporation
  • Contempo Tile
  • Westech Engineering
  • Salt Lake Valley Dealerships
  • Sorenson Genomics
  • Les Olson Company
  • Granite School District
  • Utah Transit Authority
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

Small Business Development

The City has a vibrant core of small businesses ranging from home based, incubator and start up companies. South Salt Lake welcomes businesses of all sizes. Located within the boundaries of the City are many business parks that specialize in leasing to small or start up businesses. The "How we can Help" page provides business and financial resources to small and medium sized businesses. The City has a great relationship with local realators so if you are in need of space or are ready to expand please give us a call.