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New Development

As a City, we are excited to showcase new developments that are either under construction or have recently been approved and will begin construction shortly. Many of these new developments are happening in South Salt Lake's new Downtown District.  

Ritz Classic Apartments

2265 S. State Street


The Ritz Classic is the working name for a 287-unit transit oriented mulitfamily development project located at the site of the former Classic Bowling Lanes. The building will be five stories tall, with most of the parking in an enclosed structure that will occupy the first story. The developer of the project will be providing over 60,000 square feet of private open space for tenants, and will construct two plazas and a walking path along the S-Line Greenway. At 200 East and the S-Line, the developer is proposing to construct a small retail storefront. Additionally, the Ritz Classic will include the preservation and reuse of the iconic bowling pin sign on State Street. Demolition of the existing structure has been completed and building plans are in review.

Zellerbach Property

2255 S. 300 E.
Zellerbach Zellerbach
The Zellerbach Warehouse has recently been demolished and will be replaced with a new 292-unit transit oriented multifamily development. The building will be four stories tall, and will feature two large open-air atriums providing amenities and open space to residents. While there is no commercial space planned for the project, 34 units will have street-level private entrances along 300 East, 400 East, the S-line or a private lane on the south side of the project. Zellerbach development includes two plazas and an improved path along the south side of the S-Line Greenway.

The Crossing 

2250 S. State Street
 Winco Crossing   Crossing
The Boyer Company, in partnership with Cowboy Partners and the South Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency, has brokenground on a 14.5 acre mixed use redevelopment site to include an 85,000 square foot Winco Foods, 30,000 square feet of associated retail commercial, and 287 multifamily units. As a mixed use center with a transit-oriented site design, this project will be the catalyst for South Salt Lake's downton redevelopment. Construction is anticipated to begin September 2016.

Riverfront Development

3610 S. 700 W.
 Riverfront SFR  Riverfront Apts  HOJ
The Thackeray Garn Company is developing a 60 -acre site between 700 W. and the Jordan River, at approximately 3700 S. The project will include 289 garden-style multifamily units, nearly 500,000 square feet of flex office space, a new elementary school, and 57 single-family homes, all connected by two new roads and an integrated, well landscaped pedestrian and bicycle trail linking Fine Drive and 700 West to the Jordan River Parkway. Construction is currently underway. While the Granite School District has acquired land for the school, there is no announced date for construction to begin.

The Pie Pizzeria

3321 S. 200 E.
Pie The Pie Pizzeria recently constructed a new restaurant on the southeast corner of 200 East and 3300 South. It will include indoor and outdoor seating for dine-in, plus will provide takeout and delivery from the new location.

S-line Townhomes

2255 S. 400 E.
Sline SLIne
The S-line townhomes are South Salt Lake's newest townhome development. The project consists of 32 owner occupied townhomes that take advantage of being located along the S-line Streetcar. The townhomes are expected to be available Spring of 2017.

Harley Davidson addition

2928 S. State
Harley Davidson Harley Davidson
Salt Lake Harley Davidson is currently constructing a 5,250 square foot addition to their showroom and display. The addition is expected to be completed by Spring 2017.

Wasatch Renal Center

3702 S. State
Wasatch Renal
Wasatch Renal Center is developing a 52,000 square foots medical building that will house six tenants: a hemodialysis treatment center, vascular medical practice, medical practice, urgent care facility, medical imaging center and a pharmacy. The expected completion date is late 2017.

Rite Aid

3250 S. 700 E.
Rite Aid Rite Aid
Rite Aid has recently been approved to construct a new 17,000 square foot commercial building on the corner of 3300 S. 700 E. The existing EJO restaurant will be relocated to the existing strip center to make way for the new building. The 3300 S. 700 E. commercial corner will receive new landscaping to help enhance the corner gateway of the City. Construction is expected to be complete summer 2017.

The Hub

3844 S. West Temple
The HUB Developments is an innovative project that combines mixed income/mixed use with a variety of housing options for tenants with disabilities as well as affordable and market rate units. The project is directly adjacent to the Meadowbrook Trax Station and will provide 16,000 square feet of commercial and office space on the ground floor. The commercial space will primarily be directed for the benefit of developing skills and running operations for those with autistic needs. The HUB Development is expected to begin construction summer 2017.

Via Apartments Phase II

3838 S. West Temple
Via Apts Via 2
Building on the success of Via Phase 1, this second phase will add an additional 58 units to the development. The Via Apartments are directly adjacent to the Meadowbrook Trax Station and provide a number of tenant amenities. The project is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Golden Care Assisted Living

654 E. 3300 S.
Golden Care Golden Care
The Golden Care Assisted Living is a 76 unit assisted living and memory care facility. The development will offer 3,500 square feet of commecial space and a number of amenities for the residential tenants. This development is expected to be under construction summer 2017.

Sharon Gardens

3354 S. Sue Street (50 W.)
Sharon Sharon
The City is excited to announce the newest affordable senior housing development. Sharon Gardens is a 58 unit senior housing development that is in proximity to the Millcreek Trax Station and will provide onsite amenities and commercial retail directred for the benefit of it senior residents.