City of South Salt Lake

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City Hall, 220 East Morris Ave, South Salt Lake UT 84115


Administration 801-483-6000 City Hall
Administration 801-464-6757 Mayor's Office
Administration 801-483-6027 City Recorder
Administration 801-483-6028 Human Resources
City Attorney 801-483-6068 City Attorney
City Attorney 801-483-6070 City Prosecutor
City Council (At Large) 801-347-6939 Councilman Ray deWolfe
City Council (District 5) 801-548-7953
Councilman Shane Siwik
City Council (District 2) 801-755-8015 Councilwoman Corey Thomas
City Council (At Large) TBA Councilwoman Natalie Pinkney
City Council (District 4) 801-792-0912
Councilwoman Portia Mila
City Council (District 1) TBA
Councilwoman LeAnne Huff
City Council (District 3) 801-803-4127 Councilwoman Sharla Bynum
Cmty Development 801-483-6011 Community Development  
Cmty Development 801-483-6005 Building
Cmty Development 801-483-6032 Building Inspect Request
Cmty Development 801-483-6031 Business Licensing
Cmty Development 801-412-3224 Housing
Court 801-483-6072 Justice Court
Court 801-412-3219 Community Service
Finance 801-464-6756 Finance Administration
Finance 801-483-6066 Accounts Payable
Finance 801-483-6074 Utility Billing
Finance 801-363 9995 Ace Disposal  
Fire 801-483-6043 Fire Administration  
Fire 801-840-4000 Fire After Hours  
Police 801-412-3600 Police Records  
Police 801-840-4000 Police After Hrs Non-Emergency  
Police 801-412-3609 Police Administration  
Police 801-412-3604 Police Investigations  
Police 801-412-3660 Victim Advocate  
Promise 801-483-6057 Promise South Salt Lake  
Promise 801-386-0589 Woodrow Wilson School  
Promise 801-803-3632 Lincoln Community School  
Promise 801-440-4499 Granite Park School  
Promise 801-466-3638 Hser Ner Moo Center  
Promise 801-803-3632 Historic Scott School  
Promise 801-828-8219 Roosevelt School  
Promise 801-466-3143 Central Park Center  
Public Assets 801-483-6020 Public Assets Department  
Public Works 801-412-3232 Public Works  
Public Works 801-483-6038 City Engineer  
Public Works 801-483-6045 Streets  
Public Works 801-483-6014 Water  
Recreation 801-412-3217 Recreation   
Recreation 801-943-4636 County Library (Columbus)  
Recreation 801-412-3222 Field Conditions  
Senior Citizens 385-468-3340 Senior Citizens  
Urban Livability 801-464-6712 UL Administration  
Urban Livability 801-483-6024 Animal Control  
Urban Livability 801-483-6002 Graffiti Hotline  
Urban Livability 801-464-6712 Ordinance Enforcement