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SSL City Response

In light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the City of South Salt Lake has put an emphasis on maintaining important services throughout the City. We will continue to provide residents with high-quality municipal services when and where they need them.

What we are doing to keep our residents safe and healthy:

1. Continuing to provide essential city services: Police and Fire will continue to respond to both 911 emergency calls and non-emergency dispatch calls. All utilities will continue, including drinking water, sewer service, and garbage collection. Streets, sidewalks, parks and trails will all remain open. 
2. Changing business practices to prevent COVID-19: All city buildings are closed to the general public. The city is still conducting business online, on the phone or via mail. Large events and gatherings have been postponed until further notice.
3. Connecting people to services: We will be extending resources and information to residents who are not able to get regular meals, prescriptions, medical appointments or daily essentials due to the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19. Important service providers, including schools and senior centers, are making items available for pickup or delivery in lieu of public gatherings. Please read Need Help? for available resources and continue to check in on neighbors, family and friends who may need assistance.

Current Operational Guidelines

The City of South Salt Lake -- and the State of Utah -- are operating under the updated COVID-19 Transmission Index. This index allows for greater flexibility when analyzing rapidly-evolving transmission data, and will place counties in High, Moderate or Low transmission levels based solely on that data.

The COVID-19 Outbreak

On Wednesday, March 11, the World Health Organization declared the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. The links on this page to the left and to the right connect you to other information to help residents, businesses and employees of any business respond appropriately and get support.

Symptoms of COVID-19

If you are displaying symptoms, call the Utah Coronavirus Hotline 1-800-456-7707 or your healthcare provider. Please don’t show up to your doctor unannounced if you are experiencing symptoms. Call first to discuss your symptoms and get directions before putting yourself and others in jeopardy.

COVID-19 Symptoms