City of South Salt Lake


FALL Clean Up


Friday Nov. 10, 8:00 AM - Friday Nov. 10, 4:00 PM


South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake City

Fall 2017

Citywide Cleanup Program

Boxed, Bundled and Bagged Curbside Cleanup

The citywide cleanup program is available to all South Salt Lake City

residents who currently receive City garbage service.

Curbside pickup will be provided for approved items that are boxed, bundled or bagged. The intent of this program is to reduce pollution in our streams, rivers and lakes and will keep our City clean. When utilizing curbside collection, residents are reminded that hazardous materials such as oil, batteries, paint, tires and other pollutants will not be collected. 

Cleanup Schedule 

Curbside collection of bulky waste items will take place during the first two weeks in November.  Please follow your regularly scheduled garbage pick-up day listed below.  Properly prepared items must be placed curbside by 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. 

Monday pickup:

November 6

Tuesday pickup:

November 8

Wednesday pickup:

November 13

Thursday pickup:

November 15

 Items may be placed curbside up to one week prior to the scheduled pickup dates. Items placed at the curb must not obstruct sidewalks, gutters, storm drain inlets, water meters, or the free movement of traffic. 

Illegal Dumping  

 If you suspect illegal dumping or scavenging please call and report it to  

the South Salt Lake City Police Department: (801) 840-4000.  

If you are able to get a license plate number without approaching the vehicle, please do so.